Logroño is Underrated

Found another small city gem pinchos paradise. Spain is like a never ending “fuente” of these and I can’t get enough.

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One of my favorite friends was just in town and we haven’t spent a weekend together in about 5 years. Way too long. We met back when we both studied abroad in Madrid and it was a fast and easy friendship. Andrea is the kind of friend that when we are together we didn’t have to do anything special and it was always so fun and full of laughter. Such a great friendship that we decided to get matching tattoos, lyrics of some Spanish song we had never heard. Over the years, while I’m home in California, I always make it a point to drive up to San Francisco to grab lunch with her. So when she messaged me with plans for a trip to Madrid I was overjoyed. Finally together again in the city that we met, with more time than just a lunch to catch up and make new memories.


We booked our trip to Logroño the night she arrived to Madrid on a recommendation from a coworker raving about the wine and pinchos. It did not disappoint. Logroño is the capital of the province of La Rioja. This is wine region. Calle del Laurel is the place to go for a bite. Each bar has its specialty pincho and of course the wine is flowing.

When we first arrived, after checking into our hotel we rushed over to the tapas street to grab something to eat quickly before the restaurants closed. We walked into Bar la Casita one of the first places we saw even though it seemed  a little bit slow and empty. Here we tried our first glass of wine of the weekend and some manchego cheese and their croquetas. Soon after the tiny bar was full.

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Later that night we went out for all the pinchos we could get. This was a toast with goat cheese, iberian ham and raspberry sauce drizzled on top. Sounds weird but its not if you are like me and love mixing sweet and savory flavors. Find this one at Bar Blanco y Negro c/ Bretón de los Herreros 48.

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Then we made our way over to Bar Lorenzo Travesía de Laurel 4 where their specialty are these hot dog style things. We tried one with chorizo and another with pincho moruno and their green secret sauce. Bit fans. We also saw people ordering hot caldos so we tried it and it was amazing. Getting a cup of broth in Logroño is a thing apparently and I love it. Perfect for a cold winter night.
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I saved the best for last. The mushroom stack from Bar Soriano Travesía de Laurel 2. This bar is so tiny and was so full that the people were spilling out onto the streets. As far as I could tell this was the only thing that they served, and wine. So simple and so good. A stack of three mushrooms on a piece of bread topped with a shrimp and skewered with a toothpick. Just be careful with the hot oil while eating. Andrea and I were so excited to try it that we both burnt our mouths.

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It was so great catching up with such a good friend and having a mini adventure together. I am so excited about how far she has come since I met her, and where she is going now. After Logroño Andrea did some solo travel up north and then came back to Madrid for another weekend together. On our last night out, on the taxi ride home our stupid tattoo song came on the radio. See you soon friend!

La Latina, Madrid 2012
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Logroño 2017


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